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My name is Blake. I'm 19 and from Massachusetts and go to college in Rhode Island. My favorite things are Disney, pop punk, hockey, and this girl named Gaby. My favorite bands are Mayday Parade, The Wonder Years, The 1975, The Story So Far, Real Friends, and Transit. If you like the same stuff I'd love to talk to you about it.
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Soarin’ Fastpasses on Flickr.
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Ariel having so much fun with the bubbles by nickALODIEon on Flickr.
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Disney World (by Emilio Dellepiane)
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Got to enjoy breakfast at The Crystal Palace #disney #disneyworld #magickingdom #crystalpalace
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Mountains and Flags by wdwben on Flickr.
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Disney Parks: Donald Duck:)
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I have a fear of heights

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103 floors above Chicago  (at Sears Tower/ Wilis Tower)